Success Stories

Running PmWiki CMS-style is an effective way to publish information where people can find it.

Qdig website, running PmWiki since 2004

I have several CMS-style PmWiki installations running. Most of them aren't publicly accessible because they're "IT Wikis" full of information about networks for helping IT staff (equipment inventory information, device configurations, etc.) and users (HowTo guides, etc.).

One of my public sites has been running since 2004. That modest little site has reached surprisingly high pagerank levels (6!) and the information I put there has has saved me a lot of time and helped a lot of people.

I installed a personal CMS several years back for my own private use and published a few public pages there. Recently I noticed that about a thousand people a month are finding my one-page guide to setting up a router running Tomato firmware. I can help those people without doing much of anything now that the page is online.


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