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Installation using FTP or SFTP is easy to do. There's no database to worry about. PmWiki writes your pages as specially-formatted files in the pagestore directory.

Software Installation Overview

614k of archive files

Installing the software via FTP amounts to these steps:

  1. Download four files, totaling well under a megabyte in size.
  2. Extract the files and organize them in a folder hierarchy.
  3. Rename the folder and copy it to your server.
  4. Set up your pagestore directory.

Get the files

Installation Steps

Here are steps for an SFTP installation on Windows using WinSCP.

  • Download the four .zip files.
  • Explore into the archive and drag the "pmwiki-2.2.xx" folder from the archive and drop it onto your desktop.
  • Explore into the CMSMode-latest archive. Drag the two files from the 'pmwiki-2.2.xx/'cookbook/ folder and drop them into the pmwiki-2.2.xx/cookbook/'' folder on your desktop.
  • Explore into the QuickWikiCMS-latest archive.
    • Drag the index-CMS-php.txt file and drop it into the main pmwiki-2.2.xx/ folder (where pmwiki.php and README.txt are). Rename it to config.php .
    • Drag the config-CMS-php.txt file in the archive's local/ folder and drop it into the pmwiki-2.2.xx/local/ folder. Rename it to config.php .
    • Drag the file and folder from the archive's cookbook/" folder and drop them into the "pmwiki-2.2.xx/cookbook/ folder.
  • Explore into the file. Drag the adapt/ folder and drop it into the pmwiki-2.2.xx/pub/skins/ folder.
  • Rename the "pmwiki-2.2.xx" folder to "site" .
  • Use WinSCP to copy the "site" folder from your desktop to your server's "document root" folder.
  • Note the permissions of the new "site" folder on the server.
  • Set temporary 2777 permissions on the "site" folder (right-click -> properties).
  • Visit the site's URL with your browser at, for example,
  • Reset permissions to what they were, probably 0775 permissions.
  • Set the passwords in local/config.php (right-click -> edit).

If the "temporary permissions" part seems like too much hassle, you can give the wiki.d/ and uploads/ directories 777 (world-writable) permissions and it will work. (Not recommended in a shared hosting environment.)

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