About QuickWikiCMS.com

Having a website that's easy to edit can be enormously useful. This project is about how to create one quickly and easily.

PmWiki is brilliant software designed as a core engine that's highly customizable. Partly as a result of PmWiki's power and flexibility, creating a well-customized site with it requires some time and a bit of technical knowledge.

Getting PmWiki configured as a Content Management System requires even more time and effort. Once a PmWiki-powered CMS website is established, however, it's easy to manage. More importantly, it's easy for authors to fill with content.

Quick Wiki CMS is essentially a pre-configured "distribution" of PmWiki that aims to bring PmWiki to the masses by vastly reducing the time and effort it takes to get your site up and running.

Give Basic Setup try! Once the software is installed you can easy edit your pages and create new ones. Just type some text and hit "Save". It gets even easier (and you can do fancier things) with a little practice.

--Hagan Fox

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