Installation Log Without Comments

Scripted install: a few secons!

When you follow this, make sure you

  1. substitute the current version for the PmWiki file (2 places)
  2. visit the correct URL with your browser, or especially if you use wget.

I run it as a script. With good download speed it runs in three seconds. :-)

cd www/
tar -zxvf pmwiki-2.2.118.tgz
mv pmwiki-2.2.118 site
cd site/local/
tar -zxvf CMSMode-latest.tar.gz -C ../
tar -zxvf QuickWikiCMS-latest.tar.gz -C ../
tar -zxvf AdaptSkin-latest.tar.gz -C ../pub/skins/
mv ../index-CMS-php.txt ../index.php
mv config-CMS-php.txt config.php
chmod 2777 ../   # ../ is the site/ directory
wget -O- http://localhost/site/ >/dev/null   # or browse site's URL
chmod 0775 ../
chmod g-s ../
vi config.php   # or: pico config.php
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