Beyond Basic Setup

The Basic Setup steps will create a capable, ready-to-use website that can be extend and customized.

Quick Wiki CMS is a customized, pre-configured installation of PmWiki. PmWiki is a core engine that's extensible and customizable by design. The Cookbook Basics "recipe" on is a good place to learn more about the repository of recipes in the PmWiki Cookbook.

Here are a few recipes that are useful for your new site.


You can make it easier for authors to see their edited changes before saving a page when editing. Just install the PreviewChanges recipe.

Configure Clean URLs

You may prefer making your URLs look like this:/Main/Pagename instead of this:/pmwiki.php?n=Main.PageName, if possible, by configuring Clean URLs.

AddLink Bookmarklet

If you plan to add a lot of links to other sites, the AddLink Bookmarklet recipe can be useful.

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